A conference to collaborate, raise awareness and inspire change.


the healing summit experience
Arta Dobroshi at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019

The day after the HEALING SUMMIT ended and many of the participants had left, we sat with a group of friends in the lap of the stunning red rocks at the Pine Cliffs Resort, trying to come to grips with what had just happened.  The Quantum Leap, which was our intention for the HEALING SUMMIT, did indeed take place in many different and very personal ways for each one of us. Quite honestly, we were stunned to see 140 people from 25 countries (many of us having never met before), bonding on a new level of being with one another. There was a beautiful sense of freedom and liberation from outdated ideas and social formulas.

 “This was such a special moment in time. It was such a humbling and life changing experience to be a witness to and part of it.“ – Holly Carter

The theme of the HEALING SUMMIT 2019: Take a Quantum Leap, truly resonated with all who attended. Turning the typical business model of a conference on its ear, a quantum leap was achieved by the energized atmosphere created by the participants. Socially conscious speakers from the fields of investment, science, healing modalities, mission oriented organizations and travel joined with participants to create an extremely collaborative and congenial environment.

“Call it a conference, healing platform, friends gathering, family, or whatever, but it was a universal call of deeply connected souls, where we were assigned our parts of responsibility to change the world at our own levels.” – Nimisha Rattan

Healing Hotels of the World’s annual HEALING SUMMIT has forged a path and created a totally integrative experience, melding the opportunity for personal development with shared expert information. The ability to bond and connect deeply with speakers and participants alike was initiated by early morning ocean plunges, yoga practiced under towering pine trees, calming guided meditation, and healthful fresh juice breaks featuring inventive vegan snacks.

“The HEALING SUMMIT was a catalyst beyond my wildest imagination. I am flying the flag of Wonder higher than ever before and my life again is driven by the deep desire – we need to each leave this world a better and more conscious world than the one we were born into.” – Sarah Collins

The gathering at the HEALING SUMMIT epitomized what it means to take a quantum leap by fully integrating all aspects of ourselves and building a strong community of individuals, transformed by the HEALING SUMMIT experience.

Where are we going from here? Follow us as we allow the experience to unfold and lead us to our next destination. The date and location will be announced shortly.

With appreciation,
Anne and Elisabeth