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The Highlights of the HEALING SUMMIT 2022

 These are our Top Five Highlights for the HEALING SUMMIT 2022:

1. Leading the Change:

Can businesses lead the change to an eco-conscious world? Paul Polman, Business Leader, Campaigner & Co-Author, identified three industries that are crucial in creating a sustainable world: Fashion, Food and Travel. He says that “being sustainable is no longer enough. We need to give more than we receive to this earth and to this world. We need to educate leadership to take a leap in awareness so that we can bring humanity to the business world and companies can bring forth positive change.”

2. Climate Change:

The HEALING SUMMIT took place in southern Portugal featuring the dramatic cliffs of the Algarve region. Immersed in this rough natural beauty, the delegates heard from COP26 Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and Africa Janet Rogan that there is still hope for our climate, stating that “the change begins with each and every one of us.” 

More and more hotels are looking into permaculture to create a distinctive feature. A prime example is Kaluga in Russia. Dmitry Tertychnyy, Assistant to the Director of Green Flow, says that “we are stewards of our planet earth and are asked to take responsibility for earth, animals and peoples. This is what we are in the process of establishing.”

During the Summit, we established that we need to shift architectural design to more natural and sustainable models; respecting the principles of permaculture, marrying indigenious wisdom with modern technology. Reclaiming the mystical aspect of life and our place in the natural world.  

3. Women empowerment:

World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) research shows that women play a vital role and represent 54% of travel and tourism’s employment worldwide. Yet while more than half the sector is accounted for by women, all too few occupy any senior or strategic roles. The odds of women reaching the executive leadership level were one woman to 5.7 men at the end of 2020. 

Gina Diez Barroso, Founder and CEO of Grupo Diarq, is a strong believer in female leadership, as our challenging and rapidly changing times need openness, flexibility and cooperation, characteristics allocated to women. She is an advocate for female empowerment around the globe. She says that “businesses need to make a shift in awareness and go beyond stereotypes and dualities. Women need to empower themselves, so that diversity becomes an engine for social and economic transformation.”

4. Holistic Healing: 

Vanessa Paige, Transformational Whole Life Coach, advocated the courage needed to step into a new world. She says that “we all need to contribute to create an environment of trust and respect. Instead of seeking to eliminate duality we need to accept it, knowing that it is through contrasts that we evolve.”

Amelia Kang, Founder of Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy Singapore and an expert in Chinese astrology states that “COLLECTIVELY we can make a difference: we can penetrate the fabric of collective consciousness like many drops of water penetrating a rock. How? By holding on to our values and learning to reach for help when we need it. When we ask for help, we can draw strength from all around us, and then we can make an impact.”

5. Healing Hotels of the World:

Healing Hotels of the World, the organiser of the HEALING SUMMIT, is a pioneering global brand committed to healing hospitality. The member-based collection of 90+ of the best Urban and Resort Healing Hotels around the world brings holistic healing travel to life. The ownership fully embraces societal change and is a driving force in the wellness space by providing expert consulting and training, empowering hoteliers to fully embrace the healing guest experience. 

As Anne Biging so aptly states “THE TIME IS NOW. The paradigm shift that has been spoken about for so many years is actually happening as we speak and it offers tremendous challenges and even more opportunities. And if we are courageous enough to accept these challenges with an open heart and mind, we can, together, create a sustainable world on all levels of existence.” 

Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier further says that she is “eternally grateful for all the speakers and delegates that came from all over the world to share their wisdom with the collective.”

The founders, Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, shared exciting news: Ewa Biging is officially announced as stakeholder and managing partner in Healing Hotels of the World.