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A Moment of Healing

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Today we have a beautiful treat for you. We invite you to enjoy a healing moment through the power of meditation that was given to the delegates of the HEALING SUMMIT 2017 by neuroscientist and longterm meditation practitioner Dr. Marjorie Woollacott.

Meditation goes beyond our intellectual understanding and enables us to find a deeper connection to our inner Self. In this way, we experience supreme love that fills us with joy, transcending the limited understanding of our mind. Through meditation, we open our brain to an awareness of our fundamental interconnectedness to other people, to humanity and to our planet.

Meditation plays a central role in bringing us to a deeper understanding of the big WHY, a profound question asked at this year’s HEALING SUMMIT in Portugal.

As a human family, more and more we are acknowledging the need for a fundamental shift in our awareness from individualism to a sense of unity with everyone else. This helps us to heal our illusion of separation and creates a peaceful global community.

The HEALING SUMMIT is one of the most innovative events in the hospitality industry and beyond, bringing together business leaders from all parts of the planet. You will be able to discuss, engage with others, and create fruitful opportunities and collaborations based on a new understanding of a true healing human society.

We invite you to be with us in a beautiful location where you will feel the earth breathing, the sea singing and the trees humming. HEALING SUMMIT 2019 will take place at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal, May 6/7, 2019.

For more information see https://healinghotelsoftheworld.com/hotels/pine-cliffs-resort/.

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With great appreciation,
Anne and Elisabeth