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Vulnerability Can Transform Your Business

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Julie Bach

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in our “personal” relationships, let alone our business relationships. Vulnerability is a topic most people are uncomfortable with because showing vulnerability has been associated with shame or failure.

Having founded Wellness for Cancer, a charity to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer, Julie Bach has explored vulnerability in her work, in her personal life and in business. She will be one of the beautiful speakers at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019. She says: „Rather than expose any sense of perceived weakness, individuals „armor up“ to protect themselves. And when vulnerabilities are left unchecked, one spends significant energy combatting and covering up one’s perceived-self weaknesses.”

Julie feels, that „vulnerability enables us to have deeper and more meaningful connections when met with an empathetic ear. In order to do this we must come from a ground of fearlessness by not armoring up our hearts, but rather allowing ourselves to be fully present – tender, raw and authentic“.

In her own personal experience with her charity, Wellness for Cancer, she shares, that „the only way in which the mission took hold to becoming a social movement was for me to soften my heart and allow myself to be vulnerable to individuals who were willing to listen to me with an empathetic ear”.

There was a specific event that was a turning point for her personally and professionally.  

„I was at a wellness conference and I shared just how much effort and energy I had put into my charity, and how much I gotten myself into a less than desirable situation. One participant listened with a kind and compassionate ear and replied, I can help you but you have to tell me how?

From this genuine connection, things began to change. I was able to take off my armor and allow myself to be seen – naked and raw.

Vulnerability builds and fuels the strongest of relationships and it can transform an organization’s performance. Being vulnerable or fearless is the opposite of weakness. It‘s just a question of learning how to be open to relating to the world by being genuine, fresh and completely human.”

At the HEALING SUMMIT, along with Julie, you will be in company of people with similar values and interests. Together we create new visions and inspire each other to take those visions home and integrate them into our lives and our work. And – as we build upon them throughout the year – we find create ways to uplift ourselves and the world.

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See you in Portugal,

Anne and Elisabeth