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Becoming One with the Ocean at the HEALING SUMMIT 2022

Leaving Thought's behind I became One with the Ocean

This morning I returned to the place I had been three years earlier: the stunning Atlantic Ocean that kisses the shores of Pine Cliffs in Albufeira, Portugal. The inviting, invigorating, and nurturing ocean.

At 6 am, as the early morning mist hugged the Atlantic, I jumped in. The water was bracingly cold and yet so exhilarating! I looked around and saw nothing but deep blue water and tiny fish swimming in happy circles, as the sun rose sleepily over the horizon. For a split second, I felt that sun and water had become one in my own heart. My mind expanded and miraculously became totally still. What a relief! For a moment I could sense the “oceanic feeling” that Romain Rolland, the Nobel Prize winning French dramatist, novelist, essayist, art historian and mystic who influenced Sigmund Freud, wrote about and described as “a sensation of ‘eternity’ a feeling of “being one with the external world as a whole.”

At this year’s HEALING SUMMIT, just 4 weeks from today, we will begin the early mornings with a similar jump into the ocean to feel all the sensations and empty our minds. Following the sea plunge, refreshed, we will be better equipped to find new solutions, discover creative pathways and explore methods to improve ourselves and our planet.

We are here to open the gates, feel the embrace that nature provides, and truly dive into the Healing of Everything.

Won’t you join us for this incredible experience?

Join the healers and speakers in Portugal, as we explore the theme, The Healing of Everything. Interactive, experiential, and transformative, the annual HEALING SUMMIT provides an incredible community for us all to enjoy and share in.