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Janet Rogan will speak about climate change at the HEALING SUMMIT 2022

“We just need to act – we need to stop talking and start doing.” - Janet Rogan

This summer, the effects of climate change truly hit home. And, in this case, our home is the entirety of our earth. The scorching, blistering heat that has swept the world has affected billions of people on the planet and so, for the first time, a true sense of what climate change really means is front and center. It is an undeniable global problem that is challenging every aspect of our daily lives. And yet, there is hope.

What can be done?

The HEALING SUMMIT is so proud to announce our latest featured speaker, who is indeed an expert in this area. Janet Rogan is a senior British diplomat, having joined the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in 1986. She was appointed the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and Africa in March 2021. She has served in the Far East, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa, and has worked with NATO, as the UK Political Adviser at SHAPE, and the United Nations, as a UN Resident Coordinator. She has wide policy, development, and humanitarian experience in bringing the principles of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and the global Climate Change Agreements together for wider strategic goals, including COP26.

A sought-after speaker, Janet will provide a broad overview of our planet’s climate challenges and suggests, as she puts it “beautiful little solutions” that we all can do, and will share her wisdom and experience with us at the HEALING SUMMIT 2022.

Please join her and the other healers and speakers in Portugal, as we explore the theme, The Healing of Everything. Interactive, experiential, and transformative, the annual HEALING SUMMIT provides an incredible community for us all to enjoy and share in.