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Join the Joy!

I HOPE YOU CAN FEEL IT… the excitement, the joy, the anticipation – the vibration that is in the air when something very special is about to happen. In ten days, we will gather again – an exclusive group of beautiful healing change makers from all over the world: Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, France, Greece, Middle East, India, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Spain.

This HEALING SUMMIT will be unique because this year nothing is taken for granted, nothing is “normal” and everything is up for beautiful surprises.

The theme of the HEALING SUMMIT– The Healing of Everything – is a big one. A big and bold promise. And we mean it.

As a group, we will enjoy each other’s presence and together we will tap into the magic carpet of wisdom fed by the different cultures that will gather. We will work and come out with solutions. We will find new ways of seeing the world – new levels of remembering who we are as a human family. And we will walk away with tangibles – tools and practices we can use for our personal and professional upliftment of life.

And there is more good news – you can still join us. The door is open! The table is long enough for everyone to find a place and feast on the joys of being together.



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Everything is possible!