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The Power of Your Presence

You know this: every time people are coming together united in a higher purpose for doing good, something happens on a deeper level. The wave of change is initiated, sometimes rippling very softly, often unseen, but something is happening.

When we come together in person, especially after being separated physically for so long, energies can flow freely. We feel, hear and understand one another with intention and purpose.

Differences disappear when we roam together in a beautiful surrounding and feel our hearts and minds opening to a deeper and wider level. The speakers and teacherswho have graciously agreed to guide us through this experience share their own process – all of them in the understanding to be a student of life themselves.

This is where a new sense of life is born.

We want you to know that we wish for you to take a leap of faith, book your flights, register and make the trip. Your presence is needed to truly move the needle.

The power of the ocean, the presence of the ancient pine trees and the open and warm hearts of the Portuguese people will make this experience truly transformational. Every time when we work on the content of the HEALING SUMMIT, I can feel the power and wisdom that we will create – together!

I dare to promise you one thing – your life will have a wider lens, your heart will be more open, you will be able to breathe deeper. And take all of this home.



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