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Gina Diez Barroso

Gina Diez Barroso is the representative of Mexico at the W20, the women initiative of the G20. Based on her own story, finding her way to success as a woman in a traditional male dominated society, she founded Dalia Empower, a global initiative created to empower women, enabling their soft and hard skills. Besides supporting woman to succeed as professionals, Dalia also works in favor of women and children who find themselves victims of domestic violence. The foundation gives them proper medical and psychological attention and the educational, legal and social tools they need to regain control of their situation and achieve a dignified life free of violence. “At Dalia we recognize that inequality affects women, and we are convinced that this inequality can be overcome by recognizing our inner power to trigger our personal transformation,” she says.

Gina is the founder and CEO of Grupo Diarq, one of the most important international design, architecture and real estate development companies in Mexico, with more than 600 employees, having offices in Mexico and the United States. She also founded the first University in Mexico focused on creative studies, CENTRO, with a strong emphasis in business and entrepreneurship.

She is the only Latin American member of C200, Global Women Business Leadership Organization, also a member of WPO, Women President Organization.

Gina is a strong believer in female leadership, as our challenging and rapidly changing times need openness, flexibility and cooperation, characteristics allocated to women.

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