SAVE THE DATE: the next HEALING SUMMIT – COMMITTED TO HEALING will take place 2017 on March 6/7 in Berlin.

We believe that every one of us is responsible for the health and wellbeing of all. As the founders of Healing Hotels of the World and the creators of the HEALING SUMMIT – COMMITTED TO HEALING we stand for a true holistic lifestyle.

“Creating from the core of goodness – business – life – world” was the theme of the HEALING SUMMIT 2016, with over 130 delegates and speakers from 6 continents and 27 countries. We observed that magic actually can happen when like-minded people with a similar goal come together.

You have to decide if the universe is friendly or hostile, as Albert Einstein put it many years ago. How can we live with an understanding of a friendly universe?

Each of our global speakers brought their wisdom to topics like the “Creation of a Fair Economy” or “Global Identity” for example, where we worked in groups on finding a common behavior and language beyond cultural differences. Further we learned how science is catching up by understanding that consciousness exists beyond our mind and how the future of holistic healing will influence our day-to-day life amongst others.

As Catherine Parrish, one of the speakers, put it: “We should determine that we transform our greed and fear into generosity and love and action. We have enough of everything.”

For highlights please have a look at the video below.


The HEALING SUMMIT 2016 – a simply magical event. But judge for yourself. Also feel free to have a look at our Media Gallery for the short version and more videos in our 2015 section

There were so many unforgettable moments at this year’s HEALING SUMMIT. We managed to capture a few… Have a look!