Transformation – The New Wellness Industry

When going on a wellness vacation, what is it a customer is looking for? Is it just the usual pampering in a luxury retreat as far away as possible from the hectic lifestyles or are [...]

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The Path to Breakthrough: Daring to Rip Off Our Masks

As a child of holocaust survivors, I knew practically from the womb that human beings possessed the amazing power of resilience. All of my relatives had lost parents, siblings, and/or children, and endured the unendurable [...]

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Dissolving Stressful Situations through Meditation

Scientific research with small children shows that we are born with innate basic goodness (Woollacott “Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind“). Growing up we erect barriers in an effort to protect ourselves from scarcity [...]

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Increase profitability through…

"Let’s just keep business separate and then let’s do some good stuff"– a misconception? A remarkable speech was given by Asa Siegel, founder of STAMBA Superfoods, who stated that companies could increase their brand awareness [...]

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“Businesses can change the world more effectively than politics can.” Anne Biging, founder of Healing Hotels of the World and the HEALING SUMMIT We deeply believe that’s true. Not only because from an objective point [...]

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Extending Compassion

Extending Compassion to Ourselves and the Planet: Can Meditation Help? This is a critical time in our planetary history. More and more key leaders are acknowledging the need for a fundamental shift in our conscious [...]

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