Increase profitability through…

"Let’s just keep business separate and then let’s do some good stuff"– a misconception? A remarkable speech was given by Asa Siegel, founder of STAMBA Superfoods, who stated that companies could increase their brand awareness [...]

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“Businesses can change the world more effectively than politics can.” Anne Biging, founder of Healing Hotels of the World and the HEALING SUMMIT We deeply believe that’s true. Not only because from an objective point [...]

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Extending Compassion

Extending Compassion to Ourselves and the Planet: Can Meditation Help? This is a critical time in our planetary history. More and more key leaders are acknowledging the need for a fundamental shift in our conscious [...]

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Our Life is Sacred

May you awaken like the sun at daybreak, ready to make your sacred offering. Set forth with delight, like a pilgrim on his journey. O heroic one, move forward with resolve to make this sacred [...]

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Mr. Kanoria – “Humble as a child”

This past September, while in New York City, I had the pleasure of sitting with Hemant Kanoria, Chairman and Managing Director of Srei Infrastructure Finance, Ltd., and Trustee of the Kanoria Foundation, which holds a [...]

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Nadia Murad Awarded Prestigious Peace Prize

Nadia Murad’s impact as a human rights activist has caught international attention for the victims of human trafficking and other brutal deeds of the Islamic State. On the 10th of October 2016, Yazidi survivors, Nadia [...]

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